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June 24, 2013


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Orphan Age is a dystopian life sim game where you play not as the soldiers of war, but as the children left behind. Set against the backdrop of an unforgiving, neon-lit dystopian warzone, your only battle is the fight for survival, scraping out a living in the face of extreme danger as war engulfs the world around you. You will guide a band of orphans, each with their own skills, emotions, strengths, weaknesses and fears, through a dangerous and ever-changing city in a bitter struggle for survival. Constantly balancing risk and reward, you must make the big decisions to ensure the group stays alive. Build up your base, scavenge, craft and venture out into the city for new recruits, whilst ensuring there are enough supplies to keep going, even when it seems all hope might be lost.



The story of this project goes back quite a while. Adrien first pitched the concept in 2009. The game had a different title at the time - The Ascent - and the gameplay was quite different. But the idea took root, and the project went into production. The Ascent was showcased at various events, and publishers were starting to express interest. But the life of an independent studio is such that after a run of bad luck (and quite a few late payments), the company had to close its doors in 2011. Adrien founded Studio Black Flag in 2013 with a mind to resurrect the project. In 2014, the rights were transferred to Black Flag and the idea was rebooted as Orphan Age, this time with more focused gameplay. In 2015, Orphan Age secured some funding thanks to the CNC, the French state cultural grant for video games. With this extra funding, Maxime was hired and the pre-production started in earnest during spring 2016. Orphan Age was showcased for the first time during Gamescom, as well as at several gaming events throughout France. In 2017, another local government grant from the New-Aquitaine Region allowed the studio to strengthen the production values and increase the scale of the project. We are now in the final stretch! A first beta version was showcased during PAX Paris in April 2018, garnering overwhelmingly positive feedback. A few weeks later, Orphan Age was awarded "Best Indie Game" by the jury of the renowned Stunfest festival! After 9 years trying to make this game happen, Orphan Age will finally leave its prototype state. It has been a hell of a journey, yet it is only the beginning of the adventure!



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